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Amino Acid Derivatives

The company has brought a range of amino acid derivatives that are profoundly utilized in the research laboratory processes. These are the chemicals that have the inevitable treatment characteristics for the physical and mental illness in numerous ways. They can also be used for forming the dietary supplements that suit the normal human body. The provided amino acid derivatives are thus, extensively demanded in the pharma industry for making medicinal products. The derivates supplied are formed under the supervision of chemical lab professionals. 

141758-74-9 Exenatide

69558-55-0 Thymopentin

47931-85-1 Salmon Calcitonin Acetate

We offer the 47931-85-1 salmon calcitonin acetate to the customers. This is a chemical product that is used for activating the natural hormone in the body of humans and animals. The calcium level is significantly regulated with the consumption of this. It is filled in the medicines for getting effective and successful results. 47931-85-1 salmon calcitonin acetate is recommended to be stored in cool and dry place is recommended. The chemical is additionally utilized in the research grade institutes for testing applications. 

204656-20-2 Liraglutide

We have brought the 204656-20-2 liraglutide, which is used in the research institutes for medications. The chemical is used for controlling the high blood sugar levels. Both kind of diabetes could be treated to an effective extent with the use of this product. The chemical is also used for making safe medicines for children of 10 years age. 204656-20-2 liraglutide has been prepared in the lab under the guidance and instructions of the specialists. It is a popular amino acid derivative. 


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