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API Peptide

We provide the API peptide to the clients at practical rates. The API, which is active pharmaceutical ingredients is utilized for making medicines. The presence of active ingredient works as an effective painkiller. Thus, the painkiller drugs and medicines for treating different diseases are formed using the products of this range. API peptide is also suitable for the treatment of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, and other issues like high blood pressure problems. The research labs use them for testing purposes. 

Vapreotide peptide


Cetrorelix acetate2

123qweqWe have brought the cetrorelix acetate2 for the customers. This is a chemical ingredient used for treating the infertility in humans. This is used or injected in combination with other hormones. The medical labs utilize this for various experiments and testing. This is a specialized acetic acid salt, immensely used in the medications. The cetrorelix acetate2 is an important ingredient which is manufactured under the supervision of chemical lab specialists. Storing it in cool and dry place is recommended.  

79517-01-4 Octreotide

The 79517-01-4 octreotide is a special chemical product, which has high value in the pharma industry. Sometimes, human bodies produce too much growth hormone which can lead to negative effects on body such as change in facial features, enlargement of organs. In such cases, this is utilized or injected for decreasing the excessive growth in form of medicines or injections. The 79517-01-4 octreotide also treats the joint pains and make the patients suffering from diarrhea feel comfortable.  

60731-46-6 Elcatonin Acetate

We have brought the 60731-46-6 elcatonin acetate, which works as a hormone ingredient. This works as an analgesic and antacid ingredient. The medical labs often deal with distinct chemical ingredients and salts that can easily work to provide successful results in the patients. The professionals use this chemical slat for testing and coming to the accurate conclusion. The 60731-46-6 elcatonin acetate is prepared in the chemical lab under the guidance of experienced professionals. We ensure the quality and original properties of this chemical. 

910463-68-2 Semaglutide

We have brought the 910463-68-2 semaglutide for the customers. This is demanded and utilized in medical research labs. The medicines formed with this chemical assist in getting weight loss along with proper diet plan and exercise combinations. The overweight people with other issues like irregular or high BP levels, and diabetes can also safely consume this under the recommendation of physicians. 910463-68-2 semaglutide minimizes the risk of heart attacks. Store it at dry and cool place for maintain its effectiveness. 


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